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All journals are published Open Access and cover all aspects of science. Enjoy reading full texts at no charge!

We are always keen to discuss new publishing projects. If you want to publish an article, please visit the Journals page and select a journal. If you wish to publish a special issue, conference proceedings or a book, please contact us via the Book Publishing Inquiry Form or at

Being a cutting-edge technology publisher, at Pensoft we make use of a wide range of innovative tools and workflows to offer a long list of services to our authors, including:

  • Online submission and editorial management system, professional review and editorial assistance
  • Quick turnaround, ranging from one to a few months, from manuscript submission to publication
  • No limit in manuscript length, e.g. for large revisionary works, checklists, catalogues, conference proceedings, monographs, Festchrift volume
  • Innovative, non-conventional article types, including various research objects and research cycles
  • Publication in three formats: semantically enhanced HTML, PDF and machine-readable JATS XML
  • Immediate alert services through e-mail and RSS feeds to speed up dissemination of the published works
  • Rapid distribution to scientific databases, indices and search engines (Web of Science, ScopusPubMed, Google Scholar, CAB Abstracts, DOAJ Content and others)
  • Advanced publishing technologies, possibilities for data publication and various semantic enhancements
  • Wide dissemination through social networks, press releases and dedicated PR campaigns
  • Professional design and layout, high quality printing and binding, options for print-on-demand

A remarkable advantage of Pensoft is that our authors may choose from a number of ways to publish their works, from journal articles to multi-volume monographs, and from traditional print to online, open access format.

Our open access journals offer the opportunity to publish works of unrestricted size as special issues, bearing ISBN number, in addition to the print and e-ISSN numbers of the journals. In this way, authors of monographs will benefit from Web of Science listing and, at the same time, from the distribution and dissemination network of the book industry.

Advocating for open science, at Pensoft we take it as our duty to make the research published with us openly available to everyone. This is why upon publication both online journal articles and special issues are immediately archived and distributed worldwide, free to read, download and print.

All of this is possible with the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0, which we have adopted as default for all publications in any Pensoft journal. What this means in practice, is that any published work is available for distribution as long as the original publication source is acknowledged.

Again in the spirit of open and collaborative research, authors are encouraged to post their work online (e.g., institutional repositories or their website). Such practices trigger productive exchange, as well as earlier and greater citation of published work.

We have been seeking a way to scrap the notion of academic publishing being a time-consuming and exhausting venture for any author ready to present a research. In the end, we came up with the first of its kind publishing platform to combine Authoring, Reviewing, Publishing, Hosting and Archiving all in one place. Bearing the name ARPHA, it is implemented to all Pensoft journals and offers a wide range of services also to other journals and publishers.

Please do not hesitate to send us an inquiry at or via the Journal Publishing Inquiry Form, if you would like to publish your journal with us. Society and institutional journals may also consult our Frequently Asked Questions for society or institutional journals that want to move to advanced open access publishing.

The content of all journals is freely available also through web services. A link to the web services for each separate journal is available through the journal's About page (Journal Web Address/about#Web-services).

Here is an example how one can get the content published in the Biodiversity Data Journal:

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